Dr. Ramesh Behl reveals what makes IMI Bhubaneswar special

Dr. Ramesh Behl reveals what makes IMI Bhubaneswar special

Unique philosophy and emphasis on innovation led to its stunning rise to the top

IMI Bhubaneswar ranked 63rd in the country and 3rd in the state, in NIRF 2020 rankings has become an example of what a solid foundation, and a smartly executed plan can do for an upcoming B School and its stakeholders. Director Dr. Ramesh Behl reveals the B School’s journey, which includes treating the institute as an entrepreneurial venture. Read on.

IMI Bhubaneswar’s journey began in 2011 on a 16 acre campus with four faculty members. The first batch had 12 students, and Dr. Behl gets nostalgic reliving those initial moments. According to him, it was a challenging but encouraging journey, “As we were setting up our campus in Bhubaneswar we knew one thing; the institution had to be different from other B Schools. It’s heartening to see that the campus has grown manifold in last ten years where we have had many highlights and achievements,” he mentions.

But how does a new B School stand out from other new and established management institutes? Dr. Behl asserts that to stand out they had to craft their philosophy that would focus on creating knowledge, its applications, and dissemination. “It became important for all our stakeholders to understand this philosophy and accept it. So we picked our team and built it around this philosophy of IMI Bhubaneswar,” he explains. And the results are there for all to see as the entire unit functions cohesively in a thriving ecosystem for knowledge creation.

The B School had another masterstroke up its sleeve, which ensured that it made an indelible mark on management education from the outset. Dr. Behl reveals that the aim was to look at the institution as an independent entrepreneurial venture. “We told our teams to keep thinking differently, to try and bring innovation into teaching. They innovate in the research they do, innovate ways for the involvement of our students, and try to take risks to grow,” he describes the philosophy that works for faculty members, staff, and students of the institute alike.

Dr. Behl strongly believes that giving its stakeholders a free reign has been the success mantra for the B-school. It has encouraged faculty members to take ownership of their programs and students to be responsible for their projects, tasks, and transform into leaders. “IMI Bhubaneswar is a student driven institution because our students are empowered to take decisions. They can take the initiative for themselves and the institution,” he adds. The strategy helps them grow into decision makers, and has also been responsible for the phenomenal growth of the B School.