A career in construction is challenging, thrilling, fruitful, and a lot more. It’s a large, dynamic, and diversified sector in Australia that employs millions of people from all around the world. Due to its extensive domain, there has always been a surge for qualified and skilled construction workers in Australia holding recognised qualifications like the RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design. Are you contemplating a career in civil construction but aren’t sure of its requirements and process? Or maybe you’re confused about getting on track with your chosen career path? Let this post be your guide.

Civil construction workers are indispensable to our society and apprenticeships or traineeships are the pathway to entering this domain. To embark on the construction industry, you’ll have to be well-versed with the skills, knowledge, and experience employers seek from you. If you aspire to be a civil construction worker, a qualification in construction accompanied by formal training from a recognised RTO is required. Take the next step to lead in a construction role that specialises in the design of complex projects to ensure the implementation of the client site requirements, as well as acquire the technical know-how to initiate solutions to problems or management requirements.

A civil construction worker’s job is an in-demand profession for people who wish to start a career in construction. Are you geared to create a future in building design? If Civil construction designs motivate you then you should definitely invest in your future by studying for the RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and Design.

The Ultimate Course

If you’re ambitious or already a working tradesperson, construction courses lay the groundwork for your success. Along with the right training, relevant experience, a good work ethic, and a promising attitude- you’ll have bountiful opportunities at your door.

The RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and Design offered by Step Into Training Services (SITS) is an invaluable tool to gain insights into the construction industry.


RII60520Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design reflects the role of an individual who works as a senior civil works designer, offering support to professional engineers. SITS will provide you with exceptional learning with a great focus on the practical and technical skills to work with civil engineers on the design and construction of infrastructure projects. Our students undertake tasks that are broad, specialised, complex, and technical, and include strategic areas and initiating activities. The skills and knowledge you acquire from our experts can be applied to varied job roles, projects, and opportunities.

At SITS you’ll learn to work on projects ranging from residential and industrial buildings to intricate road designs and expand your study of the design and construction of civil works such as structures and pipe networks. This vocational course incorporates a range of engineering specialties to extend your knowledge so that you can plan, design, develop and manage construction, and repair projects relating to these disciplines. Gain skills in applying construction principles to civil engineering works, producing advanced engineering designs and drawings, and learning structural analysis.

RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and Design is a nationally recognised qualification that enables you to pursue a flourishing career in this fast-paced industry. You’ll be ready to apply theoretical, factual as well as practical knowledge once you complete the course and start working.

Practical Placements

SITS aims to give students practical work experience before they formally start working for an employer. These work placements add value to your potential job as you’ll be aware of the know-how of everything before you begin working; it will also enhance your experience and help you build networks and obtain references.

Many planned activities, site visits, and workshops are incorporated to provide you with an opportunity to explore and gain insights into the real world of building design. This industry is constantly evolving; hence these additional resources give our students a competitive edge in the workplace.

Career Outcomes

RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and Design will enable you to create a prosperous career in the diverse construction industry in Australia. Our graduates move on to take up professional roles as a Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson, Road Design Draftsperson, Civil Construction Supervisor, Civil Design Draftsperson, Civil Engineering Draftsperson, Civil Engineering Technician, Road Design Draftsperson, Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer, Site Manager, Estimator, Contract Administrator and more. Eager to become one?

Metropolises, towns, and nations around the world need civil engineers to keep pace with developments. They work in settings like government agencies, private developers, or even non-profit organisations all across Australia.

Study with SITS

It’s never too late to catch up with your dream. Gain foundational skills and knowledge and build an exciting and promising career for yourself in this booming industry in Australia. Wondering how to do that? Simply, sign-up for an industry-relevant and job-oriented qualification, the RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and Design at SITS.