Tesi Online

Tesi Online

This is the service for collecting, storing, and disseminating digital theses and dissertations.

The AMS Tesi di Laurea and the AMS Tesi di Dottorato

This is the service for collecting, storing, and disseminating digital theses and dissertations.

The AMS Thesis of Laurea

AMS Tesi online di Laurea is a service dedicated to collecting, storing, and disseminating dissertations in digital format.

Several degree programs have adopted this experimental service, which contributes to the dissemination of the university’s teaching activities online.

ABIS’s AlmaDL gathers and provides access to the dissertations presented at the University of Bologna since 2007 in collaboration with the libraries and teaching secretariats of the degree programmes participating in the project.

It is part of a larger initiative involving AFORM – Education Division, CeSIA – IT Systems and Services Division, and ABIS – Libraries and Study Services Division, both of which work together to streamline administrative procedures by implementing online procedures and promoting student works by making the bibliographic description and, possibly, the entire text available online based on the level of access selected.

Tesi di Dottorato AMS

In collaboration with the Thesis Department, the institutional archive of theses, managed by ABIS’s AlmaDL, collects and provides access to the complete collection of theses submitted to the University of Bologna since 2007.

Theses can be managed and disseminated via the web using an institutional computer platform provided to Doctoral and PhD schools.

Theses can be accessed online through search engines, as well as access to the full texts in full compliance with copyright laws.

There are different levels of access to AMS Tesi di Dottorato, depending on the level of confidentiality of the contents.

With AMS Tesi di Dottorato, the University can contribute to ongoing thesis promotion projects by integrating AMS Tesi di Dottorato with other national and international services that facilitate interoperability and metadata transmission.

These include BASE Lab, DART-Europe, Driver, and NDLTD for dissertations from the University of Bologna.

Furthermore, the service provides legal deposit services at the National Central Libraries in Rome and Florence.

Authenticity guaranteed

The University of Bologna offers this service to verify the authenticity of documents produced for final examination, assisting in the verification processes normally conducted by the supervising professor using Turnitin.

Services and their objectives

This service was created to assist professors in their surveillance activities, which are a key guarantee of the quality and originality of a dissertation or thesis, as well as a measure of the effectiveness of the learning process under which the dissertation or thesis was produced for the final examination of students who are approaching their graduation.

This software automates the analysis process, which was previously carried out manually by the professor, providing a computerized alternative to manual analysis This tool compares the produced texts with a wide database containing all the documents published on the internet and various scientific databases.

Students can use the service to understand when and how to correctly cite sources. To help students in the preparation and production of their dissertations, the analysis is performed right from the first versions of the dissertation chapters.

This is how it works

It calculates a percentage value of the whole document incorporating all the identified parts based on similarities between the analysed text and the database that was referred to. The threshold for each degree programme is different.

If the threshold is exceeded, a professor informs the student of the anomalies in the text and guides them in correcting them.

The students must comply with professors’ instructions and ensure that their dissertations comply with requirements so as to be allowed to present their dissertations for discussion.