Why is Higher Education Content Marketing Important?

Why is Higher Education Content Marketing Important?

Higher education is facing more obstacles as technology evolves. Strategies like traditional advertising still exist, but changes in media consumption preferences force higher education marketers to shift focus. Today’s prospective students use social media and websites to evaluate all sorts of businesses, including educational institutions. Therefore, Content marketing is a good fit for educational institutions because they already have authority and expertise in their ranks to draw on.

Higher education can do a lot with content marketing, considering the large student audience and their variety of interests, and the following are reasons why:

Raise Brand Awareness

Content marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness as a higher education institution. Therefore, this can be done by offering solutions to students’ questions, writing engaging blog articles and creating a relationship with potential students. It also builds authority by demonstrating your expertise and providing valuable knowledge that helps prospective students. Therefore, this will ensure that most students visit your website when looking for answers.

Increase Search Visibility

By planning out common questions students search, you can create customised content that meets their needs at every stage. This will result in relevant keywords naturally appearing in your content, giving your institution an advantage on the search rankings. Moreover, using specific keywords will ensure that your institution pops up when a user searches for something related.

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Reaching Prospects

According to Google, 77% of individuals will visit a school’s website at least two weeks before taking any action. Compelling content can therefore keep the visitor engaged on your website, exploring more offers. In addition to that, including SEO in your content will ensure it highly appears on Google’s rankings.

Building Relationships

The more students know about your institution, the more familiar they’ll feel about it. Whether it’s a  prospective student or an alumnus, relationships are essential. The best way to create relationships is with regular contact and a personal touch. For example, once a student visits your website, they can sign up for a newsletter where you can send them updates.

Building Credibility

There are various resources with great expertise and great stories to tell. Capturing this content will help you build credibility resulting in high-quality enrollment. Some of the ways content can enhance your institution’s credibility include highlighting the accomplishments of your institutions, among others. Social media is an excellent tool for building credibility as it allows you to share memorable moments authentically. Havard university website celebrates its research discoveries and highlights alumni successes.

Lead the Competition

Content marketing can help your institution stand out from the competition. This is because it is about creating a story that sells. Apart from the schedules, contact information, programs and other details, your content can keep them interested. If they’re interested enough, they may want to give you their contact information.

In conclusion, with the rise in technology, higher education  has to embrace it. Therefore, content marketing can give your institution the boost it needs to attract more students and build a good reputation.